School Principal Message

Mithilesh Kumar

“Never be weak, you must be strong, you have the strength within you. Never ever turn back to see the result of the action.You is born for the success not for the failure”.

Our Vidyalaya gives importance to interactive classroom teaching .Our Vidyalaya resources and facilities attract students and parents.
ICT infrastructure in our Vidyalaya is very sound. We have LCD projectors, 08 e-classrooms and 10 more e-classrooms development in process, for students’ teachers. We have e classes with modern teaching and learning gadgets.
Recreation facility through indoor and outdoor games is provided. Regular monitoring of individual progress is done regularly through regular feedback given by students and parents.

As we know the library is heart of Vidyalaya, digital Library facility is very much available in our Vidyalaya.

Mithilesh Kumar